Osprey diving at the river

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) diving for fish at the L.A. River on 9-11-2012, Sepulveda Wildlife Basin



James Hanlon

    Perhaps I've loved a thousand times, in a thousand different ways, and that was just yesterday.

    Recording the natural history of wildlife is my primary focus. Photographing wildlife in its most natural state requires getting to know the animals in a manner where you become a friend and ally, as well as a protector and non-threatening observer.

    Enjoy the photos and please remember to support and protect habitat wherever you can. For it's the trees, shrubs, waterways, oceans and open areas that provide the necessary habitat that sustains mankind and the wonderful wildlife around us.

    jim hanlon

    "...in Wildness is the preservation of the World" Henry D. Thoreau